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Exceptional Quality = Optimal Patient Outcome

Immunohistochemistry is a method of analyzing and identifying cell types based on the binding of antibodies to specific components of the cell. Hematogenix utilizes state-of-the-art instruments capable of delivering the highest quality results to meet your needs. Our quick turn-around time guarantees that your patients will receive the utmost care they need at the right time.

We employ the latest technology and competent staff to ensure quality standard requirements are met and exceeded your expectations.


IHC Technology is Instrumental in:

  • Differentiating benign against malignant tumors or between subtypes of malignancies
  • Identifying and diagnosing abnormal cells present in cancerous tumors
  • Corroborating other laboratory findings to come up with a definitive diagnosis
  • Determining metastases or carcinoma of unknown origin
  • Determining patients prognosis

We provide you a clearer picture on every case to help you select the best treatment option. Our in-house validated antibodies allow our physicians to fully probe every case to help you manage your patients. 


mRNA In Situ Hybridization

mRNA ISH is an alternative to quantitative PCR, with the benefits of morphological detail and standard brightfield microscopy assessment.  Hundreds of probes are commercially available, and Hematogenix can create custom probes for new targets or splice variants.


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