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What is Optimyze™?Optymize-physician

Optimyze™ is our process of efficiently prioritizing patient testing by hand selecting appropriate tests for each individual patient. Optimyze™ enables us to minimize costs to the health care system, minimize turnaround time for testing in the laboratory, establish an early rapport with your patient’s history leading to the final and definitive diagnosis that you receive and deliver to your patient. This method is applied by our Hematopathologists for each and every patient that we serve.


Our Commitment to your patient

When specialty physicians from around the world need scientifically sound clinical testing, Hematogenix® is their first choice. We are a physician owned laboratory whose priority is patient care. Hematogenix looks beyond the boxes marked on a test request form. What we see each time is a patient waiting eagerly for a diagnostic decision to be made. We work to understand the slight differences each patient’s disease presents and how our diagnosis will impact their treatment. Our laser focus on appropriate, targeted and clinically useful testing delivers more precise results for you, our physician client. As a result, you can be confident that the experience you have with our staff and the diagnosis you receive from our laboratory will be what you need from a group of laboratory professional to help you deliver the best treatment plan and produce the optimal outcome your patient deserves.


Experience the experienced!

  • Board certified Hematopathologists.
  • PhD level scientists with extensive credentials and years of experience in their respective fields.
  • State of the art facility with cutting edge technologies.
Industry leading turnaround times and communication
  • Full bone marrow cases in 7 days or less.
  • Pathology phone calls on every critical and malignant case.
  • Color reports available immediately via multiple reporting options.